A large group of 50+ motors and countless cages proceeded to Page Field which was 1.5 mi. away and set up a flag line inside the Terminal and stood until the aircraft arrived. The group of more than a hundred Patriots came to attention and present arms as SGT. Joshua Hargis entered the terminal. It was heartwarming to say the least. This was one for the books.

1460946_10203154500492192_716725714_nAs the soldier approached the WHW area the WWR coin was presented with a return handshake of  strength from a true United States Army Ranger. We thanked the SGT. for his sacrifice as he shook hands  and hugs from others. From there the motorcade escort was led by local LEO’s back to Joshua’s  residence. Including the passing by of  a military memorial with LEO saluting the escort. Once arriving  close to the house, the neighborhood and families were on the roadsides back to the destination. Once  there, the place was crowded with happy tears and many greetings, as we all stood in line to shake this  brave warriors hand and thank him. . This was a great experience for all that attended. Glad to see you  home SGT. All of our Warriors should receive no less. Lee County spared no expense for this WARRIOR!  Simply put, an INCREDIBLE turnout.