On a beautiful Saturday Morning in August, WWR were asked to  Welcome Home SGT Judah Strange, USMC.  Judah, was returning home  after being away for 5 long years Serving our Country. Although he was not in Harm’s way, he served 2 tours in Japan and was also in Hawaii. After coming back to the Mainland, Judah and his Wife traveled to Pennsylvania from Maryland to meet sister Colleen in a Montgomery County Target store parking lot. What the SGT didn’t know was the the WWR along with the RED KNIGHTS Fire Fighters MC  had formed a Flag Line in His Honor awaiting his arrival. Special thanks go out to LEO from Lower Providence TWP. and Limerick Police  Depts. who road guarded and kept all of us safe during our Escort back to Colleen’s home. Also, Thanks to  Dan Miller and the Linfield Fire Company, who supplied the  truck that  held our rear flank.  35 Motorcycles did the escort, with Flag Bikes leading our Hero and Family.  Once at our destination Family and Friends cheered wildly at the sight of the Escort. Maria from ” A Hero’s Welcome” kicked things off with an Award for Judah’s Service. Then came the WWR, who presented Judah with a Star from a retired American Flag, Honor Beads, and our official Coin. Also recognized were Judah’s Father, a Viet Nam Veteran, an Uncle, and 2 other Vets. The festivities concluded with a few group pictures and our usual shout out of ” WELCOME HOME”!  It was just a perfect day for SGT Strange and his entire Family.

RC…..Dennis “Denny J” James