On Thursday morning, May 26th we were met by an energetic flag waiving student body as our cavalcade of bikes made it’s way around the middle school flag pole.
Capt. Rich Colona, USN met and greeted Warriors’ Watch Riders as we assembled for our customary flag line. Prior to commencing with ceremonies, Capt. Colona presented WWR with (2) very nicely worded plaques honoring our service to our nations warriors ,past and present.
The lowering and raising of the flag with retirement and replacement flag donated by the Patriotic Order Sons of America, with full salute preceded the student read Memorial Day readings, and finally, the calling of the names of the fallen WWII, Korean and Vietnam servicemen, followed by a student lead rendering of taps capped a wonderfully managed event.
WWR was warmly received and left on a loud note with a final lap around the flag pole and student body prior to departure.
While at our rally point, we honed our LEO detail who had served 6 years as an Army Airbone Medic. Presented with the WWR Coin and Star, capped with Dutch bestowing upon this humbly honored young man, his warrior beads.
We also presented Captain Colona with similar honor.