Submitted for RC “Towman” Rick Gandy

About 20 of us gathered in a parking lot in Elmhurst, Illinois outside the CVS Pharmacy.  Due to the chilly, rainy weather, all but one of us were in cages.

Maybe that was fitting for a tribute to Cager Dave.

Cager Dave’s son, Dave Jr and his wife drove up from Champaign, Illinois for the ceremony at Arlington Cemetery, just a mile down the road from our staging point.

Our one intrepid rider, Circuit Rider (John Drake) delivered a heartfelt, impromptu service and brought up a couple of our members to speak about Dave.

Finally, Dave Jr spread his dad’s cremains on the graves of Cager Dave’s parents, Robert and Grace Fjeldheim, both of them WWII veterans.

Our thanks to Towman Rick for helping us say goodbye to our friend and to Circuit Rider for delivering those powerful words.

To Dave Jr we say, you’ve got a good name to live up to.  To Cager Dave we say, Godspeed brother.  You will be missed.