Ride Report posted for Spike
We staged early am at Starbucks,a little chilly but nice out.The first to arrive was the Dirty Dogs MC.By the time we left we had 8 bikes & 1 trike.Snapshot got up early too. We rolled down the freeway about 6 miles to the 2nd staging area.We got there 1st.then 2 bikes came,then 2 more,in all we had 15 bikes.

We then all rolled to the Veterans Building for our Breakfast. After we ate,we were invited into the meeting. The Marine corps league acknowledged. The Sgt At Arms is also a rider and a friend, John Esposito read a very fine letter, and also acknowledged the WWR SC in terms of service and re-enlisting. Thanks John. Thanks to the WWR who came full knowing where & what we were doing, standing tall, believing in our mission.  We left and went for a ride with John to visit a friend of his who is not doing well, terminal. We did a ride by with hand salutes.