Posted for RC Patti Roberts:

It is humbling to be the Ride Captain when one of our Soldiers returns home from duty, it was my honor. Nicole Horn along with long time time friend Brian Jacobson requested the Warriors Watch Riders welcome home her husband, Sergeant Kyle Horn, for his service, Two of Sgt. Kyle’s friends, who also served in Iraq, lots of family, many friends and a community came together to make that happen. Thank you to many Warrior Watch Riders that escorted with motorcycles, trucks and cars, the City of McHenry Police Commander Paul Funk for helping make way for our escort and traffic control with the officers provided, McHenry Station One Fire Dept for the support of Department Staff and vehicles, Mayor Sue Low who presented Sgt. Kyle with a Certificate of Appreciation from the City of McHenry and the McHenry VFW for their hospitality.