On June 4th at 5:45pm 53 Bikes and a 5 cages gathered at our rally spot for the Welcome Home of U.S. National Guard SSGT. Richard M. Johnson in Sewell NJ. Our Ride Captain for this mission was “Jersey Jeff” Novak. He gathered us in for our ride brief on our Hero and went over the route to be taken from pick up to finish.  Soon after completion of the ride brief our group safely headed out behind the lead of the Washington Township Police Department who afforded us 4 Police cars and 1 Police Officer on a MOTORCYCLE…HOW COOL IS THAT!!  The WTPD Police Chief was with us at the gathering point but could not travel with us due to other obligations.

After a short ride to get our Hero at his House with WTPD leading the way with lights and sirens just adding to making a Hero feel like a Hero, with our Motorcycles engines roaring and horns beeping through the streets we pulled up to see our Hero greet us outside in total surprise. Also in our Welcoming Group was the Mayor of Washington Township there to shake our Hero’s hand and Thank Him for his service to our Country.


We soon after started out on our way again behind the lead of WTPD making our way to our final destination of Voorhees. Along the way our group had no problem at all negotiating our way through intersections and street lights because WTPD along with Gloucester Township PD, Somerdale PD and VOORHEES Police Departments were stopping cross traffic to further enhance the Hero Treatment that should be given to our returning Serviceman and his Family.


At one point our ride route took us past the Chews Landing Fire Department, and there we rode past their Fire Engines lined up outside the Firehouse with Firemen outside to Honor our Hero, horns blasting and sirens screaming with firefighters waving and taking photos.

Washington Township Police Department and the Mayor led us and took us the whole ride through Gloucester Township, Somerdale and right to Voorhees where the Voorhees PD were waiting on our arrival and took over the lead and escort. Voorhees PD led our group through their Township to the end at Iron Hill Brewery, first winding through Voorhees Commons shopping lot where we saw and rode under 2 Voorhees Fire Department Fire Trucks extended out with a HUGE American Flag for our Hero and our Group to ride under. Waiting to also Welcome Home SSGT. Johnson was Operation Yellow Ribbon, our Partners in the Welcome Home Business along with a large group of Thankful Americans just waiting to shake our Hero’s hand in gratitude.

I would like to thank the entire Washington Township Police Department, the Mayor of Washington Township, the Gloucester Township, Somerdale and Voorhees Police Departments along with he Chews Landing FD and Voorhees Fire Department. Also the Iron Hill Brewery who asked for a Welcome Home to finish up at their establishment. They showed our Hero their gratitude by showering him with Dinner, Gift Cards and flat out gave our Hero and his Family the HERO TREATMENT. There were easily over 100 civilians waving flags and listening to patriotic music provided by a D.J.  – Iron Hill Brewery went way above and beyond to greet this Hero and his family.

A tremendous thank you to Dave Silver’s Group OPERATION YELLOW RIBBON who always dots the I’s and crosses the T’s in the Welcome Home’s and always do an AWESOME JOB in making a Hero feel like a Hero. Lastly I’d like to thank my fellow riders of the Warriors Watch.