Submitted for RC RnR Bob:
When Warriors’ Watch Riders found out that World War II veteran Robert F. Wagner had worn out his flag and needed a new one, we decided to take action.

On a gorgeous spring morning, about 20 of us met near Mr. Wagner’s home in Fox Lake, Illinois and rode over to his house to catch him before he took his wife, Martha out for Mothers Day brunch.

The commotion of our arrival brought Mr. Wagner outside, while Martha looked out from the living room window.  Martha was “in” on our little surprise.

Mr. Wagner, decked out with his Honor Flight pin stared at us in amazement.  The sun was shining brightly and he was squinting a bit, but his eyes gleamed with tears.

RnR (Bob Himber) presented Mr. Wagner with a new flag, WWR beads and a coin.  It was a great and touching moment for all of us.  After the presentation ceremony, we went around the house to the back yard, where we had a WWR-style flag raising.

There’s nothing like running our flag up the pole to start the day, but this one had special meaning for all of us.  Not only did we have a WWII hero raising the flag, but that very flag belonged to one of WWR’s founding members, Chicago Jim.

It seems certain that Jim was looking down on us at that very moment.  Click here to view pictures from this mission.

After we left the Wagners, we visited Vietnam veteran Terrill “Terry” Banser, who is struggling with the cancer that has ravaged his ravaged his body.  Terry still enjoys being addressed by his biker name, “Joker” but he is mostly confined to a wheel chair these days.

Terry was clearly moved by the presentation of the beads and coin and we wish him all the best.

At Terry’s side was Corporal John P. “Hard Rock” Markovitch, USMC.  Cpl Markovitch has been attending to Terry during all of his off duty hours since first learning of Terry’s situation.

Corporal Markovitch, stationed at Great Lakes Naval Base did not know Terry Banser at the time he decided to take care of him.  We were both awed and humbled by Hard Rock’s selflessness and dedication and were honored to present him with beads and coin.

Click here to view pictures off WWR with Terry “Joker” Banser