Posted for RC Dave Skinner

Warriors’ Watch Riders gathered in a Mariano’s parking lot (local grocery chain)in Elmhurst, IL to stage for the welcome home of Corporal Ethan Zielinski, USMC.

We were joined by members of the Elmhurst Police and Fire Departments and a couple of big, shiny fire trucks.

LEO led the parade as we snaked down the side streets of Elmhurst with lights flashing, sirens and horns blaring.

The crowd at the Zielinski house waited patiently as we parked our bikes, cars and trucks and headed up their driveway for a rockin’ WWR Mug n Hug.

Ethan’s friend Luke (also a Marine, on leave) was there and so was his brother, an Army veteran.  Ethan’s grandfather, a veteran of Korea was also in attendance, as was a Vietnam veteran who got a special set of beads.

We did all usual stuff; beads, coin, banner, etc, even got Ethan and his friends to sing a verse of the Marine Hymn, led by grandpa, who turned out to have a pretty darn good voice.

Hugs, mugs and thank you’s behind us, we all headed home for Sunday dinner.  Great way to wrap up the first weekend of May.

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