SEPA 7/17 Welcome Home Army PFC Brandon Matt
This evening we executed a Welcome Home mission for Private First Class Brandon Lee Matt.  PFC Matt was returning from his first tour of duty in a rough part of Afghanistan where his unit lost 3 members during their deployment. PFC Matt distinguished himself while deployed, earning an AAM & ACM.
Warriors Watch met the Hero’s father Matthew (Ret. Phila Police) & a few family friends who ride at the Rally point at 9PM, after 2 weather related flight delays. We rode to the airport under LEO escort where we met the Hero at his terminal and made some noise! A Hero’s Welcome presented him with beads and their plaque while we waited for his luggage to arrive. (see pic attached). Warriors Watch also presented the hero’s cousin Alex with a star and coin.
Once PFC Matt and his luggage were loaded, we proceeded to his family home in S. Philly with a full police escort and met many family and friends at our destination. We presented him with a star and coined him before taking the time to shake his hand and welcome him home. His father and mother expressed their gratitude for the service we were honored to be able to render and voiced their thanks for his safe return.
All-in-all a well-attended mission – accomplished! Many thanks to the members of the Phila Police who assisted with the escort!
**One of the attending members had a more professional camera and has the full group pics.**