Ride Report posted for 0Fatboy1

Well what can I say but WOW !!!!!

The start of the mission for me was rough, as I mounted the bike and prepared to leave my house with American Dreamer I found the bike to be dead as a door nail. Luckily American Dreamer was nice enough to allow me to borrow her new bike for this mission. THANK YOU

Once I arrived at FB 69 and turned the corner I knew this was going to be a GREAT Welcome home. The LTC had sooo much family and friend support on hand with people of all ages there to welcome home their hero.

Once again our WWR family showed their support in GREAT numbers what a turn out by OUR family, 32 bikes and several cages were on hand for this 55 mile escort home. We left the FB and headed over to the Departing flights at Phila. International with the exception of a fast start by the nervous RC the ride over went well. We were met there by one of Phillys finest on a Segway directing traffic and opening up the lanes to accommodate the large convoy. What a fantastic job he did. From there we went into F terminal and lined up with the many family members first and our family right behind them. Once our Hero finally came through the gate he was met with warm embraces from his family and our traditional MUG and HUG.

From there we mounted up and prepared to depart with our Hero in a Vintage Caddy Seville supplied by a family member, man was he styling in that. We departed the airport heading on 95 South towards 322 we at this point had no LEO support so we were being very cautious, remember that we are there for our HERO but our safety is number one to ensure that we can continue our missions. Once on 322 we head towards route 1 south going towards route 202 bypass. This whole first half of the escort was accomplished without LEO and I have to say thank you to all how were in the convoy for listening to the pre-ride briefing and doing exactly what had to be done to be as safe as possible. Once on 202 we were met by two patrol cars from West Goshen PD (what a great site) they took us down 202 to the bypass, there we were handed off to Birghmanham PD who escorted us to the 30 bypass At that point we were met by Officer Jeff McCloskey from the West Whiteland Twsp. PD who along with our very own Bobcat were instrumental in arranging this entire LEO escort from 202 all the way to our HEROS’s home. Once off of 30 bypass and on Reeseville Rd we were met by the East Brandywine FD and they escorted us all the way in, what a great escort it was with three FD vehicles taking us in and one ladder truck with the American Flag flying in front of our HERO’s home.

Once there we were met by more family and A Hero’s Welcome we presented our HERO with his coin and he was given a certificate from a Hero’s Welcome as well. The LTC gave a brief speech and shared a beer with all fellow soldiers who have not yet returned home. He was very emotional about the fact that we still have so many soldiers who still need to came home and that we nee to keep them in out thoughts and prayers. A big thank you to the Dell’Arciprete family for the food and beverages they provides for our trip home, and thank you to EVERYONE that made this a fantastic welcome home for a very deserving hero.