Ride Reportposted for Papa Joe

On a very hot Sunday, June 28, 2009, the Warriors Watch Riders of Georgia gathered in the “middle of nowhere” to rally around the Callaway family to show our support for their service and commitment to our Country.

Bobby had posted an article from Mother’s Day about the Callaway’s, and that’s where this mission began.

All THREE of their sons are currently deployed in A’stan with B Company, 1-121st, 48th out of Covington, GA.

Nothing seemed more in order than a visit to this fine family.

So ride we did, flags flying, and the loud roar of patriotism for all to see and hear.

The Callaway’s accepted us like family. Lot’s of hugs, smiles and stories were told as we got to know them and heard about “the boys”. They were presented with a certificate of appreciation, coins and pins for the wives, girlfriend and parents to remember that we truly have their backs.

The WWR once again made a difference in a military family’s life-and what a great thing it is to be part of that.