Ride Report posted Len Nikoden & Youngblood

Wow!! What else can I say! A great day for a ride and what a ride we would have.

After a bit of confusion about the arrival time of our hero, Brian Drumheller, we all met at Firebase 69. While waiting for everone to arrive, a surprise was about to unfold. Our very own FeFe showed up with her Dad! I can’t tell you what a great feeling it was to see our FeFe up and about. FeFe was the original RC for this ride. It was a pleasure for me and Youngblood to fill in while FeFe is on the mend. She was going to be there either way. (See pics.)

Also riding on scoots with WWR was the family of our hero which included Mom (courtesy of Bobcat), Dad, stepmom and two brothers. One of Brian’s bother’s is a sheriff in Wyoming and flew in just to welcome home his little brother.

Before ride brief, the alternate RC gave everyone a little chuckle. This was my way of dedicating the ride to FeFe. We then presented the family with a small momento to remember this welcome home.

At the airport we formed our flag line awaiting our hero. Seeing the look of surprise when he walked up the ramp to see his family was priceless. While getting ready to leave the airport a PSP car showed up, WOW! Help navigating I95 is always appreciated. The officers that escorted us parted the intersections with great ease. (Lights and sirens always help).

We had a leisurely 30 mile ride through the back roads of Chester County. Along the way Longwood and Westgrove Fire Depts. had Old Glory flying as we passed. Finally to our destination with family and friends awaiting our hero.

After some more “mugging and hugging”, Youngblood presented Brian with the magic coin. Something Brian said after receiving his coin really touched us all. He said he was really surprised and grateful for what we had just done and that this makes it all worth while. We are making a DIFFERENCE. Thank you WWR family.

Thanks to all who rode. Thanks to AHW and PA State Police. Thank you Youngblood for being the asst. RC and to FeFe for being such a good sport. Thanks to the Drumheller family for the awesome hospitality they showed when we arrived at their home. Again thanks WWR for letting me be a small part of such an awesome family.

(Photos by Tom. More here)

(CBS News Video Here)