Ride Report posted for Paulie B

Tonight’s mission had a dual purpose. First to welcome home our “HERO” Robert Barber of Mt Holly, NJ. Second part was an end of service escort For Robert.

Robert is 40 yrs old and the father of 4 children. Robert was injured in Iraq and received a medical discharge from the service.

We rallied at the National Guard Armory where there were about 40 bikes, 2 cages, 4 fire trucks and one Leo on a police bike and a few more along for support.

We had many WWR riders, American Legion Riders, Nam Knights, PGR, Camden County Hogs and Burlington County Hogs and a whole bunch from the Burlington County Troop Support the group responsible for tonights mission. We left the Armory and headed over to the Hollybrook Diner on Rte 38 to “suprise” Robert.

I walked in and met Robert and invited him outside to meet about 50-60 of my closest friends. He was stunned when he turned to his left to see the flag line and loud cheers. Robert walked down the line and shook everones hand and kissed all the women. We saddled up and were escorted by 3 of the biggest and definilty the loudest fir trucks in NJ. Full blast sirens and I even heard a few bike horns too. We rode thru downtown My Holly and many of the citizens were lining the streets cheering.

Upon arriving at Robert’s home the master of ceremonies took the front deck(stage) and introduced several WWII vets among others who made proclamentations about Robert. Then our own John Jamision went up to coin Robert while I read about our coin to the crowd. I have had several people approach me on missions asking me what was given and said to the HERO. Usually we go up and talk to our Hero in almost a whisper, its tough talking with a lump in your throat. I thought I would give a little narration tonight and a few in attendance told me they loved it.

Robert gave his own short speech. You could tell he was experiencing some major emotions and he continued on with his thanks and words of praise for those in attendance. Once again I stood there tonight and listened to our Hero put all the praise on others and was some humble and grateful for thee flags, noise, hugs and everything else.

Thank you to My Holly PD& FD. Hainesport PD and FD. The joint PD & FD escort was the loudest ever, I still have goosebumps from it. Thank you to the Burlington County Troop Support,

www.saluteburlcotroops.com, and thanks to all there tonight. You all are like the Energizer Bunny, you keep on keepin on.