Ride Report posted by Lutz

Tim is an American Soldier. Tim was walking through the airport in Philadelphia, on his way to find some transportation home. He had just de-planed from the final leg of his long trip home from the war in Iraq. I’m not sure what Tim exptected to find waiting for him here, if anything, but I’m certain it wasn’t dozens of grizzled old bikers, veterans, and beautiful women from Operation Bedding and the A Hero’s Welcome group. We were there for someone else, but as we waited for that someone else, we found Tim.

Tim was mugged.

After being mugged, he was hugged, back-slapped, and his hand was shook. I was about to write “his hand was crushed,” but that would be a lie, because Tim was strong and had a strong handshake – a grip both physically strong and confident. Tim looked you dead in the eye with a clear, happy stare.  He was taken aback, but in a happy way, when he realized that he wouldn’t even make it out of the airport before being thanked for his service to his nation by dozens of fellow American Citizens.

I “coined” him, and as I closed his fingers over the coin I asked him to remember, each time he saw it, that a grateful nation loves and respects him for his service, and is in his debt.

No, Tim wasn’t expecting this. But by God, he earned it.

Tim lives in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia, and we hope to see him again. I ordered him to buy a Harley, asap.

– Lutz (Photo by Gary Warner)