Ride Report posted for JohnDelivers    

I am truly humbled by the members of the Warriors’ Watch Family.  Once again our family showed up in force to pay homage to one of America’s Real Heroes.  On an overcast day that looked like rain as I left my home, you came out in numbers.  Thank you all.

We were to rally at a nearby eatery, and one by one they came, before long we numbered twenty five bikes and two cages.  Three of Westampton’s finest joined us before long as well.  And they had already arranged for additional help to ensure our safe passage with the PD’s of Lumberton and Mt Holly. 

We moved into position outside of Lamberti’s Restaurant.  I no sooner stepped off the bike when the hostess came out to greet us and said they would be maybe another 10 minutes.  Perfect!  We set the flag line and waited.  Within a few minutes Daryl appeared, and he was in shock, or maybe he was in awe, I’m not sure.  I am sure his eyes said he just couldn’t believe what was going on.  Totally humbled, he just couldn’t believe it.  After greeting our Hero with handshakes, hugs, and words of praise, we saddled up to head for the Caulfield home.

With so much LEO help, we had a short but smooth ride over to the house.  The Yellow Ribbon Club gang had the entire neighborhood out to welcome home their Hero.  Yellow ribbons lined the street, the Westampton FD was on hand with a truck, appreciative neighbors and friends were screaming and waving flags, and our Hero was again humbled by the events happening in his Honor.  A few presentations were made, one of which was “Smooth” pressing a magic coin into Daryl’s palm.  Thanks for doing that Honor “Smooth”. 

Once again we had several brand new members show for a mission.  As the word spreads, we continue to grow.  Not that there is anything wrong with that. 

Thanks go out to many for making this mission such a huge success, the Westampton PD, Westampton FD, Lumberton PD, Mt Holly PD, the Yellow Ribbon Club, Nam Knights, and the Camden County Hogs.  Thank you is just two words, buts its all I can say.

Welcome Home Daryl Caulfield.  Thank you for your service and dedication to defend our country both at home and abroad.  God Bless you and your family.

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