Ride Report posted for Lorraine West                  


We received the request for this mission on short notice, the final details got posted less than twelve hours before departure time.  But as usual, the WWR family came through once again.

A handful of bikes left LZ168 at 1630 and made our way to the Visitor’s Center outside the main gate at Ft. Dix in Wrightstown.  We were met by a few more bikes and NJSP Trooper Matt Goleniecki.  We set a flag line and before too long our Hero, Larraine West, arrived with her brother, Bill.  She was a bit surprised and SLOWLY made her way out of the car so we could shake her hand and thank her for what she does on our behalf.

We made a bit of small talk and then mounted up to escort them to a small reception in her honor a couple of miles away.  Trooper Goleniecki provided safe passage, along with lights and siren, to “officially” make Lorraine feel like a Hero.  We, the WWR, already know she’s a Hero.

In short time we met members of the Yellow Ribbon Club and a group of Lorraine’s co-workers who were anxiously awaiting her arrival.  The Wrightstown Fire Company was also on hand to add to the element, the siren on that truck could be heard for quite a distance.

A few presentations were made, including Cavalier’s presentation of the Honor Coin.  Lots of hugs, handshakes, and backslaps for our Hero, Lorraine, and plenty of handshakes for the other uniformed personnel on hand.  Ever gracious, Larraine spoke of how the military personnel on the ground, in the fire fights, are the real Heroes.  Her Army brethren in the audience were very appreciative of her comments.

Thanks go out to the YRC, NJSP, Wrightstown Volunteer FD, and the WWR members who were there in person and in spirit. 

Welcome Home Larraine Best!  Enjoy your time with your son, he’s growing fast and you might not recognize him in six months.  Just sayin’.