Sp4 Dean Oldt, marksman with the 101st Airborne, comes home from war to spend some well deserved R&R with his family. A Hero’s Welcome and Warriors’ Watch Riders teamed up once again in an effort to make Oldt’s homecoming a memorable one. Sp4 Oldt has seen some hard times in Iraq and his welfare is every American’s business.

We are very grateful to Sp4 Oldt’s mom and dad for allowing us to take part in the celebration of Dean’s homecoming. We gathered to meet Dean at the Philadelphia International Airport and mounted up to escort him and his family home to Collegeville about 40 miles away.

We are honored to be a part of this, and we hear the our 30 bikes and riders made quite an impression on their neighbors when we came rolling in!

It was Warriors’ Watch Riders, A Hero’s Welcome, the Philadelphia Airport Police, and our friends in the tower at Air Traffic Control whose combined efforts made this whole affair a day that Sp4 will, hopefully, remember for the rest of his life. We owe our troops – we owe them big – and we could never do too much to show them this.

God Bless Sp4 Oldt and his family. We can’t wait until he comes home for good!