We did a Mug & Hug with Operation Yellow Ribbon of South Jersey for Army National Guardsman Sgt. Brian Axelrod. We rallied at the Stratford Fire House on Laurel Road. KSU at 1925. Brian is 28 years old and married, his wife Holly was present too. Brian is a volunteer firefighter for the Somerdale fire department they joined The Stratford fire department to welcome Brian home. 17 bikes and several cages both the Stratford and Somerdale Fire departments accompanied us so there were many fire trucks leading the way. We arrived at the family home with sirens wailing and horns beeping making a lot of noise. Brian and Holly and the family came out to see what the ruckus was as well as many of the neighbors. The mayor of Stratford was there to present as well as a representative from the office of veterans affairs. The hero was a humble man who appeared very touched and overwhelmed and very grateful.