Nov 3rd, 2014 Warriors Watch Riders were asked to escort Sgt 1st class Joseph Wendell Wilkinson and his family to the Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, Ca.

At staging we had 11 motorcycles, included were 4 flag bikes. We held a briefing regarding the escort and placement of the bikes in the escort. I went over the route and discussed with the tail gunners, what their duties were for the route. After briefing we went to the family home. We were invited to have coffee and to have some time with the family. While meeting with the family, I gave a brief presentation about the WWR and other organization that honor our veterans. At this time I also presented the daughter with a WWR coin and explained what our coin represented.

After the spending time with the family, a flag line was formed for the transfer of our fallen vet from the home to the family car. I lined up all bikes and the family car for the escort to Golden Gate National Cemetery. The escort took about 30 minutes. Upon arrival the family went to the administration building and signed in for the services. At the designated time we went to the burial site and immediately stood a flag line from the family car to the burial site and called present arms for the transfer of the fallen vet. One our WWR members is a friend of the family and was asked to carry Sgt Wilkinson to the grave site. Military honors were render by US Army Honor Team. Following the military honors all riders were dismissed.

I thanked each and every riders for their participation in today’s service.

Each of the family members came to all the riders and personally thanked them for being with them for the services.

Ride Captain: Dick Akright