Saturday March 22nd, 2014, Members of Warrior’s Watch, A Hero’s Welcome, and the Bensalem Police Department, had the distinguished honor to escort Major General Wesley Craig to the 3rd annual Lower Southampton Veterans Muster. Approximately 30 members gathered in the parking lot of the Neshaminy Mall to do a Mug and Hug for the Maj. General. After which we provided a 20 bike and several cage escort from the mall to the Neshaminy Senior Activities Center, with Bensalem Police leading the way. When we arrived at the muster, Ride Captain, “Rooney 2N”, kept the General occupied for a few minutes as the rest of the group stood a flag line. We then escorted the General through the line and into the center, where he was the key note speaker to the vets gathered there.ridereport1

The Major General took some time prior to the ride to thank the group for our efforts. He said he has been to many different events that the Warriors’ Watch has participated in, and let us know how much it means to the service men and women, and their families, that we “do what we do”. Sir, it is our honor to do what we do for our troops. Thanks is not needed. To know that we honor our troops is all the thanks we need.

ridereport2 With so many vets gathered, there are always opportunities to coin someone. We didn’t  miss our chance. Rambone and a few others noticed a gentleman and his wife in their car.  That gentleman was a WWII Army Vet. It was a nice two-fer to be able to honor this  gentleman for his service, as well as his wife for her support. She was to thankful, the tears  of joy flowed freely as he was presented with the coins and a piece of the flag. Everyone took a moment to thank him,  and to shake both his and his wife’s hands. So allow me now sir to Thank You once again, for your service to our nation.  God Bless you.


Submitted with Honor and Respect,

Chris “Rooney 2N” Rooney



Photos Courtesy of Sidekick