Ride Report posted for Ray


The morning was filled with much anticipation , regardless of a little drizzle, to see our marines and to show them that we care,and to let them know how proud we are of them and to have the HONOR to escort them on their mission ,we had an excellent show of support from our WWR brothers and sisters and I know our Marine brothers were very pleased as I could see camera flash`s coming from inside the bus`s.The 60 mile or so escort was somewhat hectic , because of some traffic, much thanks to all our LEO`s this morning in keeping our escort safe , even with all this going on I could`nt help but think is there anything else we can do , did we miss something what it came down to was that these MARINES are going to be fighting for our freedom ,our country`s freedom they are putting life on the line for us for you , so we can continue to drive to work everyday , take our kids to the park and do what we enjoy to do EVERYDAY.

While our MARINES are doing there job WE WILL DO OURS to never forget and to continue to support all our soldiers in our Armed Forces the way we know how best to “WE HAVE YOUR BACKS AT HOME” we will do what is necessary until they all come home, our thoughts and prayers are with you Marines , may God watch over you and bring you back home safe , we will be waiting for you to return home. SEMPER FI MY MARINE BROTHERS BE STRONG, BE SAFE FOR GOD, COUNTRY AND CORPS

I would like to thank:

Local PA, P.D for their support

PA. State troopers

DE. State Troopers

MD. State Troopers

and of course A.H.W (A HEROS WELCOME) Thank You ,you guys are the best !!

P.S How befitting was it to be able to have the HONOR to celebrate Wayne Lutz`s birthday and escort our Marines in the same day. Not to mention the B-day cake by AHW…was that cool or what……the winddown ride afterwards thru the back roads of MD and lunch also was very nice and gave us a chance to reflect.

Photos from Maria

Photos from Tom