The second Welcome Home of the year, January 8, 2014, would certainly be a day that the Cagnetti family and friends would never forget.  Our hero, LCPL Steven Cagnetti, was set to arrive at the airport at 4:55pm due to delays. He was on his way home from a two year-long journey.

The Bristol native was involved in his High School’s ROTC program starting in 10th grade. After his Grandfather’s passing and watching the beautiful military tribute that his Grandfather received, he made the decision to enlist.  Four months after his High School graduation, Cagnetti was sent to Parris Island, South Carolina for boot camp; which also was an exact year, to the day, of his Grandfather’s death.  After graduating boot camp, his unit was stationed at Camp Pendelton in California before his deployment.


Karen Cagnetti, Steven’s mother, was overjoyed in that fact that she would be able to see her son after  two years. In fact, the entire family including his Grandmother, Aunts and Uncles, as well as friends  and cousins were anxious for his return.  Mrs. Cagnetti mentioned that the only thing that would make  everything better would be for Steven’s father to be there; unfortunately, he was stuck in Canada due  to weather conditions.  The anticipation was raising as family, friends, Warriors’ Watch, A Hero’s  Welcome, and many onlookers by the gate awaited this hero’s arrival.cagnetti2
Finally, Steven was spotted. And after two years of no real contact with their hero, he was finally  home and was greeted by welcome home chants, smiles, signs, and of course tears of joy. After the

presentations and a group picture the LCPL was headed home to spend his well-earned leave with  those who cared about him the most.

A HUGE thank you for the firefighters at the Firebase for letting us rally inside! And of course A Hero’s welcome for having our backs as well as the hero’s.