Submitted by Dick AKRIGHT

On Sept 13th,  3 bikes and one cage staged at ARCO station at the Sacramento International Airport to escort SPC Sean Kubik-Boyd to Brentwood, Ca. His father and other relatives were at staging and with  two cages  We held briefing and went to parking lot at the airport. As a group we went into the terminal and got positioned for the arrival SPC Kubik-Boyd. We formed 2 flags lines for the arrival.

Amanda his girl friend, met Sean at the gate and walked him through our flag line. We called attention and presented arms. We did the usual meet and greet. Sean walked through the flag line and by the time he got to the rest of his family, lets say he was very emotional  In the airport we took a group picture and then proceeded to the parking lot. It took a few minutes to get out of the lot. Everyone had to pay for parking and then we got on Hwy 5 to Hwy 4 into Brentwood. On Hwy 4 we met 4 more riders and 1 cage.

We arrived at Brentwood Cafe at 12:15 and was met by more family.  We took several pictures and mission was completed.

Sean’s father Pat was over joyed with the mission and the honoring of his son.

It was a very successful mission and home coming.