Ride Report for Ride Captain  Tim


Commander Charlie and members of American Legion Post 356 recognized 22 Korean War Veterans today, and presented certificates recognizing their Honorable service to our country. Not all Veterans were present for the ceremony, but those that were, were greeted by Post 356 members and their Commander, Jr. ROTC young Marines and their remarkable Drill team, family members and guest, and last, but certainly not least, proud members of the local Northwest Florida Chapter of Warriors Watch Riders. A static flag line created a wave of Red, White, Blue that lined the front of Post 356. A POW/MIA stood alone and provided a constant reminder of those who have yet to return. “Big Bell” displaying two more American Flags waving freely in the wind, tolled, as the masses assembled. Service flags representing all 5 branches, much like the 22 Veterans that were recognized, were proudly posted near the bell. A  motorcycle displaying all the right flags was also present creating an over the top Kodak moment scene for all recipients and members. Commander Charlie expressed sincere gratitude to all in attendance. Hand Salute to all that made this day just a little more special for these special Veterans, and for representing the WWR so well.

Members: 28
Motorcycles: 12
Private Autos: 10

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