Ride Report for Ride Captain Jason “Chatterbox”


On January 27, 2013, Western NY, Eastern NY, & NEPA Chapters of Warriors Watch Riders got together to stand and Honor Captain Mathew Porcari, of the Owego FD, who died in the line of duty fighting a mutual aid fire in the Newark Valley.

The request was for us to stand a flag line only, but boy once everyone seen us, did that request change multiple times. We went from standing a flag line to placed at the head of the line of hundreds of firefighters, police, and emt’s from all over the country and Canada. As the Hero, family, and firefighters from the Owego fire department left the back of the school, they passed through our flag lines and proceeded down the center of  the road through lines on both sides of the road of firefighters at full arms…our mission changed again. We were then asked to fall in the funeral procession after the fire dept. passed us. We fell in line and marched in the procession.

As we passed through the center of all the first responders who stayed at full salute as we passed, we received multiple “Thank You’s” and other words of praise and thanks for us being there for there fallen brother.

When we reached the huge flag that formed the arch, we broke off the procession to allow the fire trucks to continue through the town to allow the towns people to Honor their fallen Hero.

As we were debriefing, we were approached by a member of the Candor FD, who asked us if we would be willing to fold the huge flag that formed the arch. We were so honored by this request that I think without thought everyone secured there flags and went and formed lines to bring the flag down. I think that was the fastests I seen Al move all day since being sore to start with and making him walk miles…

After assisting with the flag, members from the WNY Chapter went and presented Captain Porcari’s wife, Christina Porcari with my first Warriors Watch Riders Honor Coin & certificate. At that moment our Mission turned two fold. Lt. Dan Gavin of the Owego Fire Department was escorting Mrs. Porcari into the building. Lt. Gavin was the firefighter who after being seriously burnt went back into the building multiple times to save Captain Porcari. I also presented Lt. Gavin with a Warriors Watch Riders Honor Coin for his selfless act of heroism, and for the injuries he suffered while in the line of duty.

Though the day was filled with great sorrow for the loss of another Great man, father, husband, and Hero. The members from each Chapter left the services feeling proud and so honored to be apart of such a day filled with lasting memories for our Hero.

COMMENTS: as the writer was writing this report, WNYWWR received a personal invite to all WWR members by Mrs. Christina Porcari to please attend her husband’s burial services on May 4, 2013. Mrs.Porcari stated she was so honored by our presence that she would be so honored if we would stand by her side for the burial. I replied, the Honor would be all ours to stand beside you for your husband who was selfless when he laid down his life to save another.
(exact details to follow as the time comes closer)

Jason “Chatterbox”
Ride Captain
WNY State Coordinator