Ride Report for Ride Captain Spike


We brought Justin home a few days earlier, but since the time was off hours the community could not all make it out. So , we set up a Official Community Welcome Home Celebration. We do this very often , this way the whole community can make it out to show support to our troops. We staged at a local starbucks , until the time was near. In most cases we use specific Restaurants to send our families. In this case its Livermore, and we use a very popular Eatery and its packed at that time. This Restaurant and its Staff are Very Troop Friendly as well as supporting what WWR does. Justin’s dad took him to the 1st St. Ale House for a Late Lunch. While They were there, Bryan Weldon and Operation Welcome Home are at the house Setting it up. At staging we set up and roll over to the Ale House, We park in Back so no-one can see us, then we work our way inside. We surprise Justin big time, we do our Mug & Hug , Then we have a Vehical that he rides in. We take the long way back to the house, making our way thru downtown, so all the folks can see who we have. As we roll , FD is waiting for us along the way, then they join in , and lead the way back to the house. Family , Friends & community are waiting. Justin’s look on his face is priceless. Certificates are given , coins too , many hugs. Welcome Home Justin



                             Heidi’s PaPa & MaMa J’s Man
 Northern California State Coordinator Warriors’ Watch Riders