Ride Report for Ride Captain Trashman
It was cold , rainy, snowy and dark , yet about 15 people showed up in cages and even one die hard rider on his bike, a knight on a steel horse you might say, They came to welcome an American Hero home in rock star fashion.

We rallied just around the corner from our hero’s grandparent’s house.  So we had a very short ride to meet and greet our hero.  We came with horns blaring to let the town know we were there, and to get our “SHERO” as one fellow put it.  It didn’t take long for Rachel to investigate what all the noise was about.  Once we had her outside, we introduced her to the group.  And once we got to see her smiling from ear to ear, amazingly cold air wore off.  After many hand shakes, hugs, and thank yous for this “SHERO” I asked permission for us to escort her home.  That quick someone yelled out “put her on the bike” which sent her over the top with joy.  The knight on the steel horse agreed to take her on the bike.  As we turned the corner onto Rachel’s street we could see all those American flags that get handed out by the magical workers from Operation Yellow Ribbon and we knew we brought another American hero home to her family.

Welcome home Rachael!  We are a free country because of brave young people like you.  May God bless the Manning family and keep them safe the way they help keep so many of us safe.
Submitted by Trashman