Ride Report for Ride Captain Vince (VinnieB)


WWR had received a request from Avi, the fiance’ of Aviation Electronics Technician Airman Jonathon D. DeMarco to provide an escort for him to a combination Welcome Home / Birthday party for the returning Hero.   Avi knew it would be tough to get Jon to the Warriors Watch rally point, so she was going to tell Jon that her mother’s car was disabled and that they had to pick her up.

At the rally point, a Benjamin Foods parking lot in Hatboro, Pa., were about 40 bikes from Warriors Watch, a few cages, and members of A Hero’s Welcome.  Josie from AHW just happend to be the cousin of Jon and was very excited for this event to take place, as were all in attendance. WWR set up a single file Flag Line to await the arrival of our Hero. When Jon and Avi arrived, they were immediately swarmed upon by all with handshakes, hugs, and greetings.
The escort to Jon’s final destination was lined with fellow patriots from the neighborhood waving flags and banners. As we approached the clubhouse, many family and friends waited, one of which was none other than Jon’s brother Todd Simmons, an ABE stationed in California, who just flew in to attend the event, so we were happy to make the day an honor for both Sailors. After letting Jon “take in” the surprise, Josie from A Hero’s Welcome made a presentation with certificates for both Jon and Todd, then, myself, being the RC,  presented both Warriors with the WWR Honor Coin, and then AHW also presented them with retired stars from a flag flown over the U.S.A. We took a group shot and said our goodbyes and felt great for having executed another successful mission.
Respectfully submitted by:
RC Vince (VinnieB)
Photos courtesy of techgirl