Ride Report for Ride Captain Maria Gommel (Jewlz)


This was a very extreme short notice but We made it happen like we always do… We met at the Staples Parking lot across from Barba Harley on RT. 168. Where we learned Haddon Twp. Would be our Leo for this ride.. Thank You Officer Kirk Ernie.  We had about 15-20 bikes show up and about 6 cages and for this short of a notice it was AMAZING. THANK YOU!!!!!.


Adams Mom Sharon and Sister Angie and two of Adams friends showed up to take the ride with us and Welcome Adam Home. We left there and went to the PHL. Airport where we lined up at the elevator and welcomed our hero home right as he got off the elevator to go to his car… Wow was he surprised Adam who is a 19 year old Graduate from Audubon High School is a Communication Specialist in  The United States ARMY……

He was very surprised when he found out we were there just for him He stated ” This is so cool a Biker group came here just for me.” I told him we would have went any where to welcome him home because He is our Hero fighting for Our Freedom and that is the least we can do. We left the airport in ROCK STAR STYLE and escorted him home to Audubon Park where he lives with his Mom and boy did his neighbors hear us. 🙂  We coined him and gave him his certificate for his service. Welcom Home Adam…..