Ride Report for Ride Captain Tim 



Wounded Warrior Heroes have begun taking the Beach. The first of many arrivals expected over the next three days was greeted today by a crowd of Bay Counties finest. Open arms, handshakes, tears of joy, surprise, shock and awe, more tears; you get the idea. Mission success best describes the event. The mission continues. Flights will continue arriving tomorrow 9/12, as more Warriors honor our community with their presence. Please support our welcome parties. Flights begin at 8:20AM, and will continue throughout the day with the last expected at 5:40PM. The Military Welcome Center will be the base for operations. Red carpet, flags, flight times, and instructions will be available at this location.
I have attached detailed fliers for your information. Please share with all contacts. This is an amazing community. Thanks so much to all that make these events so successful. 

16 motor cycles
06 private autos
26 members and a large supply of guest who stood fast to provide a Heroes welcome


Warriors’ Watch Riders
Northwest Florida Chapter