Ride Report for Ride Captain Spike
We were contacted to provide escort for WWII/Korean War Veteran final honors.  I really don’t have a lot of intel about his military service other than the time period of the war.  Oriville served in the Army during the end of WWII through and into the beginning of the Korean war.  He did obtain the rank of Sgt. from what I was told by his family.  They are trying to recover and locate many of his medals and records.  We were able to support the family by giving them a link to find everything for their fallen hero.
We showed up on a week day with 13 bikes and 2 cages to stand the final line.  We staged at the mortuary, and when it was time the riders, acting as pall bearers, carried our hero to his coach.  Once placed into his coach, we got the family situated in their vehicles, bikes placed in the proper slot and surrounded our hero with four flag bikes & proceeded to leave.
We left Livermore, heading to Lone Tree Cemetary – approximately 20 miles away.  When we arrived at Lone Tree Cemetary, we parked, got off our bikes, set up our flag line & again, acting as pall bearers carried our hero to his final resting place.  Brian Harris from Scottish American Military Society (SAMS) played the trumpet for TAPS and assisted the Army FHD with the folding of the flag.  With WWR and PGR & several other groups, we stood the final flag line.  Farewell soldier, farewell.