Ride Report for Ride Captain Silverhawk
Jeremy’s Dad, Robert, contacted us about surprising his son before he heads off to Basic Training.  It was short notice, but we made it happen!!
Jeremy is 19 years old, from Canton, PA and enlisted in the PA Army National Guard.  He will be leaving this week to do his Infantry Basic Training at Ft. Benning, GA.  We met part of the family in town after attending their church services, and followed them back to their home to surprise Jeremy.  Robert had asked Jeremy to be on their front porch waiting for them, in uniform, when they returned from church.  He is already following orders well, since that is exactly what he did!
He was pretty surprised to see 4 motorcycles following his Dad down their quiet street on a Sunday after church!  We thanked him for stepping up to defend our country, and wished him the best of luck and success in his training and future assignments, then did our traditional “Mug & Hug.”
The trip was about 150 miles each way for us.  This is not your “average” mission.  But, it’s not your “average” 19 year old that steps up and decides to defend our nation and serve.  All of us agreed, it was worth every mile.