Ride Report for Ride Captain Witchy Woman

Our brand new chapter had it’s first mission ride Saturday in Stoney Creek, NY. We were asked to provide a “rock star” ride by for the fire chief of this small volunteer company Stan Ross as well as an EMT Dave Robinson with the company.  The chief is an Air Force Vietnam Vet and has been with this department for 35 years and chief for 20.  He is much beloved by the community and fellow fire fighters. This was a fund raiser for their medical expenses.  We had barely got ourselves organized as a chapter when the call came in so we rallied as best we could and 7 bikes with 8 riders rode over 100 miles to honor them.  We had a blast doing it and, from what we understand, the chief was pretty impressed.  2 of their fire trucks joined us as we rode by his house with lights flashing, sirens screaming, engines roaring and flags waving.  It was our first ride as the Eastern NYS chapter and we loved it.  Can’t wait to do it again!

Witchy Woman
ENYS Coordinator