Ride Report for Ride Captain HowardK

On Saturday morning June 16th LCPL Josh Cherry USMC was recognized for his dedicated service to our country by WWR, AHW and many friends and extended family as he returned from a ten month deployment to Afghanistan. Josh, oldest of three children of Debbie and Frank Cherry, husband of Kristin and proud father of Nathan, enjoys riding his street bike, and spending time with his wife and son. He also enjoys watching horror/sci-fi/comedy movies and adding to his collection of tattoos. He is active in the arts of MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Warriors Watch Riders were invited to participate in the welcome home for Josh by his wife Kristin who had witnessed a recent WWR Welcome Home in Springfield and asked if we would arrange the same kind of celebration for her husband. Of course we were honored to be asked. WWR and AHW rallied at Firebase 69 at 8:00AM and after being met by Kristin and Nathan, we proceeded to PHL Terminal D to await the last leg of Josh’s return from Afghanistan. Kristin and Nathan were joined by family members and by Maria from AHW as they stood at the arrival gate. Josh came through the gate and was greeted by all of the anxious welcome party. He walked hand in hand with Kristin and Nathan as they approached the escalator.

The surprised HERO was met at the escalator by a few dozen flag-carrying WWR and AHW members who lined the steps to welcome him home. He shook hands with every member as he descended. At the bottom more greeters awaited and the handshakes and hugs continued. Josh then retrieved his baggage and proceeded to the family truck for the escorted ride back to his parent’s home in Secane.

Our procession was led by two motorcycle officers from Upper Darby PD. Big flagged bikes were followed by Josh, Kristin and Nathan in their truck, and then by a couple dozen motorcycles, cars and trucks. As we approached the final destination, cars lined the street and homes were adorned with flags and Welcome Home signs. We pulled up in front of the Cherry home to the applause and clapping of many more relatives, friends and neighbors.

After greeting all of the family and friends assembled on the front lawn Josh was asked to come forward for a couple of official presentations. Vietnam veteran Pete Flowers presented Josh our WWR Honor coin and thanked him for his service, sacrifice and dedication. Next, Maria Hyland presented Josh a certificate from A Hero’s Welcome and thanked him for his service from a grateful nation. Finally, Nathan Cherry was presented a Kathryn Fialkowski Memorial certificate and was given a button reading “Born in the USA”.


In true WWR tradition we then stood for our official MUGGING with cameras on the left and the Hero and friends on the right. Standing in front of the Cherry home, WWR members and many family and friends posed for our traditional group shot, as we were all eager to commemorate this great celebration on film. After a few more hugs, and a lot more mugs we departed to allow the family and friend to enjoy Josh’s return in peace.


Warriors Watch Riders extend our sincere thanks to Kristin and Nathan, to Frank and Debbie and the entire Cherry and Hughes family for inviting us to participate in this very well deserved welcome home for Josh. Thank you to A Hero’s Welcome for making this such a proper welcoming ceremony. We would like to thank the Upper Darby PD and especially Officer Nestel and Officer Dockery for their safe escort and patriotic support and thank them for joining in this Welcome Home ceremony



Respectfully submitted by RC HowardK

Pictures courtesy of Bikerider