Ride Report for Ride Captain Underbird

SEPA going to Vermont

In 2000 the town of Morristown VT set out to commission a Veteran’s Memorial, it never really got any traction until ten years later. In 2010 a board of 7 got to work in creating a beautiful place they could properly recognize all the men and women, who at time of enlistment, called Morristown VT their home. There were many bumps along the road to completion, including a hurricane in the Green Mountains of Vermont. The storm took its toll on the physical foundation of the monument sight but not on the hearts of those involved. A minor delay in the big picture, it merely meant delaying the dedication from Veterans Day 2011 to Memorial Day 2012.


The wall lists the names from WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam and every duty station moving forward. At present, over 1135 names are carved into the stone, a sizeable number for such a small community. The town is no stranger to patriotism and sacrifice.

It was an honor to be RC for the first Warriors Watch mission in the state of Vermont. I could not have dreamed how much it would mean when a friend told me about the dedication in his father’s home town. His father and four uncle’s names are carved into the granite of the memorial, forever to be recognized by a nation for their honor, bravery and sacrifices. As this mission took shape and more people chose to ride, it made me more and more proud to call them all my brothers and sisters.


On May 28th, 2012 16 motorcycles took their place in a parade to honor the fallen in the name of freedom. At the end of the half mile procession, we dismounted and formed a flag line adjacent to the podium and the memorial. A forecast of afternoon showers did not discourage us from the task at hand. When in fact it was the few drops of rain that fell during the dedication speech that made me feel as if the tears of the memorialized were somehow showing their approval and saying a final farewell.

The 14 riders from PA were welcomed in the town with open arms. It was felt from the very moment we rode in until the last brake light rode out of town. For a week prior, radio stations made announcements about the events of the day and they included that rider from the Warriors Watch of Pennsylvania would be attending. As we spent our weekend, at diners, shops and fuel stops, we were thanked for coming to be a part of their Memorial Day and noted how far we came for them. As I sat reflecting on the weekend,

I realized their Memorial Day was our Memorial Day, no matter where you are or who you are with it only matter that you honor those who passed in defense of freedom. It truly was an honor and a privilege to be part of the Morristown Vermont Memorial Day Observance and Veterans Monument Dedication.

Side notes: During the weekend, a trip through the Green Mountains and around Lake Champlain was topped off with introduction to a couple from Plattsburgh NY. Phil was coined as a Viet Nam Vet and they joined us for the dedication and parade. While we were on our way home we received confirmation they had registered as Warriors Watch Riders. Their intention is to start another NY chapter. Not so much to our surprise, the State of Vermont now has a new SC in the works. The fire chief for Morristown Vermont has registered as a Warriors Watch Rider and will be spending the next few weeks organizing the Vermont Chapter, he himself an Iraq war veteran.