Ride Report for Ride Captain Sidekick

Springfield Township High School, Population of approximately 775 students. For them, it would seem to be a normal day, but for Warriors’ Watch it was a trip back in time, For some longer than the others. A handful of members came to support their own Sidekick as she preached a message that needed to be heard. Luckily for her, the group of 20 students and 2 advisors, including the Assistant Principal, were listening with open hearts and ears. Many were motivated to be emotional while the others sat and soaked up her message. Well, back to the important stuff…our Heroes

Coming in to this mission there was doubt. Doubt of the Veterans coming to the presentation, doubt that a future member of the Air Force Academy would get her recognition, and doubt that a mission would even take place. Yet, in the end, the bikers roamed the halls. First stopping in an AP English classroom to greet Ellie Field; later in June she will be off to represent Pennsylvania at the Air Force Academy. We extended our congratulations and wished her luck as she pursues the career of her dreams. Next, we stopped in Barry Weidner’s room, who teaches social studies and is a retired Marine. Mr. Weidner served in Viet Nam then realized his true calling of teaching. He inspires his students day in and day out to be the best people they could be no matter their opinions or differences. It was the least we could do to stop in and give him a little HOO-RAH. After that, I noticed Mr. Kelly and Mr. Hoss who are two of our security guards in the cafeteria. Both having served in Viet Nam, I thought it was only fair we welcome them home the right way.