Ride Report for Ride Captain AeroPilot

Many people know the words Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Courage are individually as single words or statements, but how often do you see someone who is described by these words and lives up to them?  The Army has these seven values tought to our servicemen and women during basic training.  When the request for a special welcome home for Army Spc Eric Moyer came in, it was mentioned that he is not only recognized by his peers and collegues for these 7 values, but he lives by them.  Spc Eric Moyer has served his community in many ways while learning the ways of being a medic.  A graduate of North Penn High School and Montgomery County Community College, Eric also filled his time in with volunteering with the Souderton Ambulance Company and the Colmar Fire Department.

Spc Eric joined the Army and was assigned as an Army Medic with the 3rd Battallion Ranger Regiment.  Earlier last week, he returned to the United States following his first deployment to Afghanistan.  After some time in the south, he returned this past weekend to Lansdale and Sunday there was a Welcome Home BBQ at his fiance’s home in a quiet neighborhood in Lansdale.

Meanwhile, across town, the Warriors Watch Riders were gathering at the rally point to Welcome Home our local hero.  With the additional support of Lansdale Police Department and the Colmar Fire Department, a large group of Warriors Watch riders lined up and began our short trip thru town to meet our Hero.  A quick text to our contact, “Operation Yellow Ribbon” and we were on our way.  That was her signal to try and get everyone out front for a photo by the Welcome Home Sign that she had made up with a Yellow ribbon on it.  Well, our timing worked out well, and as we rounded the corner onto their street, we increased the noise with sirens, horns, and lights flashing!  Neighbors opened their doors to see what was going on, and a few followed us to our destination to join us in Welcoming Home SPC Eric Moyer!

Spc Moyer was speachless and didn’t know what to say after we all surrounded him on the front lawn.  After a moment, he was able to say Thank you!  Then, the WWR presented him with an Honor Coin, thanking him for his service to our local community as well as his country abroad.  A Hero’s Welcome then presented him with a Certificate of appreciation for his service.  After receipt of both, Spc Moyer was able to make a few statements of how much he appreciated this outpouring of welcome and how his unit was through some times, but fortunately everyone was able to come home.

Thank you Spc Eric Moyer for all that you have done!  Congratulations on your engagement to Samantha!

Photos by: DJolly & Tom549

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