Ride Report for Ride Ride Captain Spike

Ryan Spent many summers visiting his Aunt & Uncle on Camp Pendleton.He
allways wanted to be a Marine.At 15 he attended ” Devil Pups”, a 10 day
leadership/bootcamp held at Camp Pendleton.After Graduating in 2010 , he
joined the Marines. After Boot Camp and School ,he was assigned to the
7th ESB. Was deployed to Afaghnistan where his Unit was involved with
building fortifications and Guard Towers.Building bridges and roads. As
well as Neutralizing Explosives. While on deployment he celebrated his
20th B-Day. On October 24,2011 he suffered a hand injury , he went thru
some surgery in Germany , then to San Diego for more surgery. He finally
came home. So , we planned a Community Welcome Home Celebration
a few days after his return. We staged up at a local StarBucks, Ryan and
his family were sent out to dinner,while at dinner the Operation Welcome
Home group were at the house setting up.We , too were setting up to
Mug & Hug him at a local Restuarant. We rolled over there and parked in
the back.We also had a Limo with us supplied by a friend(cindy) who donates
her Limo from time to time. We sent half the riders in the back door and the
other half in thru the front door. We surrounded him at the table, and again we
caught him unaware. We announced to the whole restaurant why we were there
and what we are about to do. We only tell our servicemembers that we want to
escort him back to the house,and it was no big deal.NOT. At the house ,there are
at least 50+ folks waiting. So, we grab our Marine,do our Mug & Hug , walk out
back.He then see’s all the bikes and Hotrods and Limo. He still has no idea what
is about to happen at the house. So, I move away from ryan as he chats with the
riders and checks out all the scoots and cars. I call over to the house and confirm
our capture, then let them know we are about to leave. We get mounted up , and take
a slow cruise thru town ,to the house. We round the corner and then Ryan see’s the
Magnitude of whats about to Happen. With Many VSO’s there ,he is presented with
Citations,proclomations,coins and flags from all. Welcome Home Ryan.
Heidi’s PaPa & MaMa J’s Man
Northern California State Coordinator Warriors’ Watch Riders