Ride Report for Ride Captain JohnDelivers

What a great night to THANK and WELCOME HOME three HEROES.

It is always nice to roll into the rally point at the proper time and see thirty bikes already there.  Awesome sight for an awesome event.   By the time we rolled to pick up these warriors we had close to forty bikes, one stretch limo, a couple of cages, and no less than five Deptford LEO cars providing safe passage.

We pulled into the townhouse development and made a little noise to let them know their ride was here.  The entire complex came outside to see what the fuss was all about.  Once the neighbors were informed, they joined in the celebration for these warriors.  We picked up our charges and made our way to a party being held in their Honor.  Pulling into the VFW parking lot you were enveloped in a sea of red, white and blue.  American flags were everywhere.  Two FD trucks held a large flag between them and we rode right under it.  Awesome!

Once inside the VFW, Leslie from the Yellow Ribbon Club got things under control and made these returning warriors feel like rock stars.  Several presentations were made, proclamations were read, hands were shook and hugs were given.   Our humble heroes each took a turn thanking us for doing what we do.

Welcome Home men.