Ride Report for Ride Captain Pat (Tamale)

We had a great turn out for our 1st of 2 missions this day.  There were 40+ bikes, several clubs represented and a lot of 1st timers. We rallied only one mile from PJ’s aunt’s house where the Mug-n-Hug took place. As we hadn’t the need for LEO support, some of our seasoned member handled the road blocking responsiblities. We had a incident free, safe ride.

This was a surprise for PJ, but it was funny that when we pulled up, all the family were out in the front yard as if they were waiting for us. PJ was reluctant to have his return from Afghanistan celebrated, but at the insistance of his mother, he finally agreed to a small party. Well, everyone knows we do not give small parties! We roar’d into the neighborhood and it was on! PJ was a little taken aback by the commotion, but he handled it well.

WWR and AHW made their respective presentations, mugged and hugged PJ and left with as much fanfare as we demonstrated when we arrived! We may have left the family a little bewildered, but they were smiling and very much appreciative of our effort.

Welcome Home Marine.

Respectfully Submitted,

Pat (Tamale)

Where The Rubber Meets The Road!