ride-report-aug-23-mug-n-hug-011Ride Report for Ride Captain Jeffrey Little

Lots of bikes and WWR members, including three new members, were on hand to thank Steve Saymon for his service as a US Marine and for his continued service to his country as a civilian. Steve had an ear to ear smile and a tear in his eye when WWR came roaring down the street led by local law enforcement with lights, sirens, and flying American flags. Steve stood at the foot of the Brooklawn 911 Monument as a large group of American Legion members, monument volinteers and local residents watched in amazement as Steve was thanked by Warriors Watch and A-Heroes’ Welcome members. After we coined Steve we turned our attention on thanking the several vets in attendance for their service to our country. WWR members stayed for an hour to hear Steve explain the memorial and the artifacts therein, including a beam from the World Trade Center that was escorted to the site by WWR on 6 July 2011. After Steves’ presentation, We made sure to thank all the Civilian volunteers on hand that worked on the memorial. It was a special moment doing that. All in all, Great run, Great turnout, Great cause. Thanks to all.

Honored to be a member, Jeffrey Little

P. S. As I continue working on the 911 memorial project, I hear on a daily basis from people about how exciting it was when WWR came to the site.