ride-report-me3-tim-hoaglandhoagland2-2Ride Report for Ride Captain Rich”Readbeard” Brewer

Sometimes We think it’s gonna be a beautiful Ride,.. and other times you think. THIS is gonna be bad. But we still Fire em up and Roll out Leaving to fate our Riding Experience when it comes to the Weather. Thursdays Aug 18ths Welcome Home Escort was just that. With the Thunder and lightning that had been happening for a few days, You might have thought the little break of sun shine was gonna just stay with us for this escort,. But Mother Nature just didn’t get the email or listen to our Ride Brief.

As we stood in the Parking Lot, Waiting for our Hero to pull up with His Family and friends after going out to dinner, you couldn’t help but notice the wide eyes of everyone that was holding the Aluminum Flag Poles Each Time the Lightning would Flash .. I would scan quickly and count. 1,2,3,4,5 -10. Ok .Still 10 People Standing. we are good.

WE waited a while for our Hero to come pulling up, AS He pulled into the lot our group seemed to collapse on him to give him that Mug and Hug right there. He made his rounds of shaking hands with both the Riders and the 4 Local Voorhees and DRPA Police who were also waiting to assist us with this welcome Home Escort. WE asked our Hero if it was ok to Escort Him Home since we already where wet. and of course he said Yes. . Again he had no idea what was in store for him at his home.

We took off with our Escort and quickly picked up the assistance of the Evesham Police. What could have been a very dangerous Escort due to the Weather conditions went off without a hitch. We pulled off on the side of the road at our Heroes Home and had to walk down to where the Yellow Ribbon Club, Fire and EMS , Loved ones and Neighbors’ all gathered to make sure this Returning Hero knew how much we appreciated His service and dedication to our Nation..

Although the Celebration went as planned, it was certainly a little rushed due to the weather. ( We gotta get Mother Nature on our Tweeter Account ASAP )

To our Hero ME3 Tim Hoagland, We thank you for your Service to this Great Country, For protecting our freedoms and way of life and for your sacrifices. And to our Heroes Family.. WE also Thank you for keeping the Home fires Burning and your support and sacrifices while your Husband, and Dad are away.

Peace and God Bless Rich “RedBeard” Brewer