Ride Report posted for Spike

Here is another ride report that got lost in the switch over,But,better late than never. This was also a 2 part Mission for us. Nick’s Mom Pamela contacted me,Nick was coming home early on a Tuesday at SFO. We planned a official  ommunity celebration a few nights later .So, we headed out to SFO,Nick’s flight came in around noon.

We got to give a Mug & Hug when he arrived. So, we got him home and talk for a short bit.Again, No FanFare,No Coins ,nothing : Hi and Bye. On Friday night , Pamela and Nick’s Family took him out to dinner, Now here comes us, 22 Bikes.At the restaurant the FD was waiting with Engine #93 and 5 Oakley PD.Now,Oakley is a very small town.I know I live here.So, to have 5 PD Cruisers , thats about the entire PD department. We went inside the restaurant,which the manager bought dinner,Black Bear Diner.We grabbed Nick and went outside to stage up. So, here we are 22 Bikes , 4 cages,1 FireTruck and 5 Oakley PD Cruisers.The parking lot was packed.LOL. we rolled the Escort to Nick’s
house ,not too far from where we were.when we got to the house there were at least 50 mor people waiting,including the Oakley Mayor,Friends , family and tons of Patriots. Was a great night .Welcome Home Nick.