Ride Report posted for James S.


Ok, so I finally have evidence I’m getting “Old Timers” memory…


A request came in to welcome home SPC James Hackemer. I made the initial contact with dad “Dan”, and he was very enthusiastic about this welcome home. He had a good idea of what he wanted, and we discussed where the best rally point would be. He seemed very knowledgeable about the process, which as well all know is very helpful. So the request was sent for LEO and Media .  As always the NIL Warrior “Team” sprung into action. (Hat tip to Archie and Raniey).


I made special contact with the “Man upstairs” and requested a sunny day for the rally.


Apparently I still have some tokens left and “The Big Guy” accommodated the Rally with a partly sunny day (Ok, so I maybe pushing my luck) and possibly 60°.


As we all gathered to await the arrival of our hero I mingled about making sure to thank all the riders. There were approximately 20 bikes, 6-9 cages and we’d end up with 3 Leo’s from the Aurora city. As I mingled a one of my fellow Warriors approached camera in hand and began to speak quite knowledgably about the rally. That’s when the two remaining grey cells that handle my memory kicked in and I realized this was the dad of our hero. I’d been speaking to him all week, yet didn’t correlate the name with out the bike.


So, we formed a flag line and made contact with “mom”. The plan was for mom to bring James to the rally and we’d do our customary “ambush”.  The time arrived, and as mom made a quick tour of the parking lots near us…. (Wink! Wink!) our hero arrived!


After several attempts to have the Warriors Watch greet his son home, dad got his wish, we had our Hero home and we welcomed him in style.


We saddled up, and with Leo taking point and tail gunner we made the Loud and Proud trip to our hero’s home.  I had some concern whether I’d be able to know which was his house however, that was quickly relieved as we approached his home. Our Heroes family had decorated the place in fashion. Most notably was the drive, his sisters had written a chalk mural on the drive saying “welcome home”.


Once we had gathered up the many neighbors and family, I did our traditional Thread, Beads and Coin presentation. Our hero gave a very heartfelt speech, and remarked about how he and his fellow soldiers appreciate our support. He was genuinely grateful of how we stand for our troops and how much the “negative” remarks angered and frustrated them. We all assured him. We got your backs here at home, and to keep up the good job.


SPC James Hackemer, welcome home, it’s people like you that make our mission worth it all