Today we paid our respects and Honors to SSG Dan Bailey. He has served his country and community with HONOR.

It started off this morning on this windy day at the Dunkin Donuts in Norwood where we rallied with members of the 2nd Brigade MC and PCOM. We saw new faces as well as old friends. We had planned on departing together to arrive at the funeral together, however with the news that some members from 2nd Brigade would be arriving a bit later we (WWR) wanted to make sure our flag line was in place for the beginning of the visitation.

Upon our arrival led by the well lit lead vehicle of our own “Meatball” (Thank you brother) we were met by Trash (2nd Brigade MC) who said Thank You to all of us for being there, we assured Trash that is was our honor to be there and Thanked him not only for his service but also for his fathers service.

After standing a short time we heard the roar of bikes coming down Chester Pike, it was the 2nd Brigade and members of PCOM. The outpour of support was amazing for this soldier and his family. We stood honors for the entire visitation period and were thanked by so many people. We were there for Trash, SSG Dan Bailey and his family and friends, it is truly an honor to stand for the men and women who have given a portion of there life for me and my family.

A note of interest: It is known that there is a family of American Bald Eagles now residing at John Heinz Wildlife preserve. This morning while we were standing honors the male Bald Eagle soared high above the funeral home as it appeared to be paying his respects. I ask you coincidence or not??? RIP SSG Bailey your watch is over, We have your back here at home. God Bless