Ride Report posted for George Park

On Saturday April 9th, 2010 40 motorcycles gathered at Michaels Restaurant on routes 422 and 622 in Douglassville, PA in order to welcome home Specialist Jorge Mercado from a yearlong deployment in Iraq. Mom – Jorge’s Aunt who had adopted him at 6 years old after his mother had passed – had been excitedly waiting his return and had asked Warriors Watch to greet him on the way, bring him home to West Reading in style.

Communications with Mom had gone a little dark that afternoon while she readied the neighborhood for a good old fashioned welcome home. As members of the WWR, A Heros Welcome, 2nd Brigade, West Reading PD and others assembled waited for him Jorge was making his way from the airport – running about 20 minutes late due to traffic.

Forming a ‘loose’ line Jorge pulled in, a passenger in friend Jason’s car, and everyone snapped to forming a crisp flag line as Jorge was ‘mugged and hugged’ by the 50-60 people assembled. Once the hugs were finished Jorge’s ride was surrounded by WWR as we made our way down 422 with Police escort from West Reading PD and traffic control by Exeter police where the WWR blockers didn’t need to take the intersections.

Reading FD welcomed us as we turned into the residential neighborhood where Jorge and Sandra live. WWR bikes filled the street to capacity – a street already overflowing with family, friends, neighbors and well-wishers. After being greeted by Mom – who hugged every single rider in attendance – Jorge was coined and presented with a certificate by a Hero’s welcome and released to his party to spend some time at home before completing his remaining year of Military service. Welcome Home!