Ride Report Posted for “Big” Brent

 On Saturday Sept. 5th we were on a mission to escort Lt Col Keith Pierce from his home to a party at his parents house.
As we gathered at our rally point 35 bikes, with riders from the WWR, the Defenders, Nam Knights and the C.M.A. m/c
clubs were there. There to honor a Hero 5 times in harms way!  Lt Col Keith Pierce had served 4 times in Iraq  and had
returned from Afghanistan from his 5th deployment.  He is an AH 1W Cobra pilot.
  With the help of Sgt. Brian Pennington of the Salem County Sherriffs Dept we rolled out of the rally point to the Pierce home. With sirens blaring and horns blowing, engines reving we pulled up to our Heroes home. As the Col. stuck his head out to see what all the noise was about, he was greeted with cheers of welcome home and a rousing round of applause!   He came out with his family and introduced us to his wife, Jessica and his 2 children, Sara and Joshua. Other people from the neighborhood also came to see what the noise was about and shared in the festivities.
As the convoy of Police, motorcycles and our Hero departed for our destination it was a smooth ride! for the next 16 miles with the help of Salem City PD, Woodstown PD and the S. Harrison PD’s keeping the road open and the convey moving! When we arrived at the LZ and circled around to make sure there were no snipers, we turned down the street to find the  Yellow Ribbon Club, family, friends and the S Harrison Fire Dept. there to welcome our Hero!
After a short speech and an unbelieveable bio on our Hero, that included 10 medals and commendations(this guy
is a true HERO).  We coined our hero and also gave a rousing round of applause to his wife,Jessica presented her
with a Military Spouse honor certificate.  Lt Col. Pierce gave a speech that invoked the kind of person that he is, humbly saying  that he isnt a Hero and that the people that didnt come home and the soldiers that didnt have the kind of support that he had at home were the “Real Heroes”.  At home Keith is an EMS helicopter pilot, still saving others at home!
We then mugged him and hugged him!