The 3rd Battalion / 10th Marines were welcomed home to Camp Lejeune on, 5/26/2010 at 0730 hrs, by family, friends, 3rd Battalion XO, other elements of the 10th Marines, and Warriors Watch Riders……. The 10th Marines were deployed to Afghanistan 18 months ago……. The last elements of the 10th Marines be returning home to Camp Lejeune on 5/31 2010, with ETA 2300 hrs……. Warriors Watch Riders will be there to welcome the 10th Marine Regimental Commander, Lt Col Finley, and last elements of the !0th Marines home……….
Irish Thom Coined SGT/MAJ Mackey
3ncSgt/Maj Mackey wounded in Afghanistan by IED Sgt/Maj Mackey enjoy the BBQ at Walter Reed….

The Sgt/Maj told me, thanks to Warriors Watch he knows that his motorcycle can be modified to accommodate his disability and that he will still be able to ride……. Irish Thom Coined Corporal Keith Evans

Corporal Evans was wounded in action in Afghanistan