Ride Report posted for for RC Glen DeVries.

Sr. Airman Kevin Birner joined the Air Force June 15th 2004 after graduating from high school. He completed his basic training at Lackland AFB in Texas. Kevin attended Tech School at Sheppard AFB in Texas. In 2005 he was sent overseas to Spandalem AFB in Germany. Kevin returned to the states in January 2007 at Hill AFB in Utah. Kevins first tour was to Balad AFB in Iraq in August 2007 as a Munitions Specialist and returned to Hill AFB in January 2008. His second tour was also to Iraq in October 2008 and returned in May of 2009.

Kevin completed 6 years of service and was looking forward to coming home. We presented him with coins and beads at the block party being held in his honor. When asked about his future plans, Kevin said “Working and going to college to continue his education.”